Pure HTML & CSS Timeline
Personal timeline containing significant events in my life in reverse chronological order (last updated April, 2023).

April 2023

PhD Candidate

Completed research proficiency exams and advanced to candidacy as a PhD student at Stony Brook Computer Science.

June 2022

CVPR oral

Attended first in-person conference and presented my first-author paper SVT that was accepted for oral presentation.

May 2022

Apple Internship!

Machine Learning Research Intern working on weakly supervised open-vocabulary segmentation.

Aug 2021

PhD @ Stony Brook, USA

Moved to Long Island, NY to start my PhD in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

Jul 2021

ICCV first author paper!

My first paper to be accepted at a top-tier CV conference (International Conference on Computer Vision 2021) where I am the first author.

Nov 2020

Research Assistant, MBZUAI

Moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE to join the computer vision research group at AI university there.

Sep 2020

BMVC oral acceptance

Made my first live presentation at an international conference - British Machine Vision Conference (held virtually due to pandemic).

Feb 2020

Machine Learning Engineer @ VeracityAI

Promoted to role of Machine Learning Engineer where I was overlooking two projects and mentoring three interns.

Jan 2020

Graduated UoM!

Graduated with a GPA of 3.95 / 4.20 and was awarded most outstanding graduate of the year at convocation.

Sep 2019

First journal paper!

Our paper (co-author) on video analysis was published at the IEEE journal, Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

Jul 2019

Hackathon @ Taipei, Taiwan

Project on smart cities selected for International Hackathon held in Taipei, Taiwan. Travelled there with our team of five students.

Jan 2019

Joined VeracityAI, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Started part-time job as associate data scientist during my senior college year. Working on insurance project involving automated vehicle damage analysis using computer vision.

Jun 2018

Internship in Cambridge, UK

Selected for an internship at self-driving start-up, FiveAI in Cambridge UK. Moved there for a six month period working in their perception & scene understanding team. This is during my junior college year.

Feb 2018

Cerebrium Startup

Developed automated plant-health monitoring system with team of students. Project won multiple hackathons and was recognized at national innovation awards. Converted to a start-up catering to home gardeners and small-scale cultivators.

Nov 2017

First Publication!

Co-authored my first publication at an International Conference (DICTA 2017, Sydney, Australia).

Jul 2016

ENTC Department @ UoM

Joined the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Department. Also became part of the Computer Vision research group there, starting my first academic research project on video analysis.

Dec 2015

University of Moratuwa (UoM), Sri Lanka

Started my undergrad degree in Engineering.